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Where are WEEE?

WEEE stands for waste electronic and electrical equipment. Where are WEEE? sensors track the journey of your abandoned electronic waste.


We manage connected devices, and reliably identify them in the field. We create a unique and unforgeable identity for each shipment.

We digitally transform operations by combining sensors, microcontrollers and secure connectivity. The sensors rely on power-efficient, high-performance microcontrollers with critical security features.


IoT-powered track-and-trace system tells you whether and where your eWaste is being recycled or reused, and improve your supplier relationship.

Our specialized IoT service helps you achieve emissions reductions targets with a low-bandwidth network. Our dashboard provides one central location to manage and monitor IoT devices.


We prefer perovskite, where possible. Solar is beginning to compete with batteries due to lower costs and greater practicality.

Small, low-cost thin film solar cells, optimised to work with diffuse indoor light do not require batteries or external wiring and so the device can be placed anywhere that has sufficient light exposure.